Eclipse Day – Monday, August 21

Eclipse 2017 at the Southworth Library has an upgrade!

On Monday, August 21, the United States will experience the a total eclipse of the sun.  The next total eclipse viewable from North American will be in 2024. Our Upstate New York location will experience a partial eclipse, or 75% totality which is still an amazing event. 

Cornell Space Sciences Graduate Students will be leading observers in how to safely see the eclipse with their telescopes at Montgomery Park. Eclipse Chalk Art will be available for children with lots of other crafts and activities and storytime with Ms. Diane at 1:30.

Here at the library, we will live streaming the eclipse on the big screen.

After a month of preparation, presentations, NASA Activities for young and old alike, it’s time for the big show!

note**** the moon bath bombs bombed as a pinterest failure and will be revisited at a later date…NO pinterest club at 3:30!