Magic Tree House Book Club- Wednesday, March 29 @ 3:30 pm

Continue on Jack and Annie’s adventures as we explore the books, Pirates Past Noon,  Night of the Ninja and Afternoon on the Amazon in the  Magic Tree House Book Series.  The club starts on Wednesday, March 29 from 3:3o to 5 pm for an introductory meeting.  Then we will meet as shown below to  discover the world of pirates, explore the world of Ninjas and Samurai,  investigate the Amazon Rainforest and the last week will be our Magic Tree House Party!

The meetings will follow the schedule below:

  • March 29: Getting to know one another and distribution of materials
  • April 5: Discuss the first book: Pirates Past Noon
  • April 12: Look at the Pirates Fact Tracker book and do some more swashbuckling activities
  • April 19: SPRING BREAK- no meeting
  • April 26: Night of the Ninjas: Discuss book
  • May 3: Fact Tracker for Ninjas and Samurai
  • May 10: NO MEETING- Catch up on the reading!
  • May 17: Afternoon on the Amazon: Discuss book
  • May 24: Fact Tracker: Rain Forests
  • May 31: Party for the last day of book club!

There is busing available from the Dryden Elementary School to the library for the book club. Parents need to arrange pick up from the library at the end of the day. Bus permission slips, available from the library, need to be submitted the week before the club starts. You will also be responsible for letting the school and the library know if you are either unable to participate on a particular day or will not be needing bus services.

This club is made possible by grant funds from the Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund. Please let them know how much we appreciate their support when you can!

Space is limited to 12 independent readers. Contact the library to register