American Creed Writing Contest Celebration

NYS Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton joins our American Creed Writing Celebration to share her thoughts on what it means to be an American.  

Pizza will be served, along with rolls and salad from Texas Roadhouse in Ithaca.


Call for submissions: American Creed Writing Celebration

As an additional response to the film , participants are invited to add their stories to the conversation sparked by American Creed through essays that address many of the questions that arise from the film concerning what being an American means to all of us. After viewing the film, or segments of it, writers may respond to the following prompts:

Þ What is your American Creed?

Þ How can you express your American creed through action?

Þ To what extent do we inherit or receive our identities? How do the legacies of older generations and history influence our identities?

Þ Where does a nation’s identity come from? How can individuals with diverse identities understand their American creed?

Þ How can we work together to overcome the divisions in our society?

Submissions of 300 -500 words will be accepted between April 2 and April 19.

Two winners will be chosen in each of three categories: 10 – 16, 17 – 25 and over 25 for $50 prizes. 

Submit essays to