American Girl Book Club – 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 3:30

The Southworth Library American Girls  Book Club- Molly McIntyre

The 2nd and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 3:30 pm

From September 26 through January 23

 @ the Southworth Library, 24 W. Main St, Dryden

Join us as we examine life in the US during World War 2 with Molly, a lively and lovable schemer and dreamer growing up in 1944. The world is at war, and she misses her father who is stationed overseas caring for wounded soldiers.  Molly doesn’t like any of the changes the war has brought, like rationing rubber, eating turnips for dinner and not seeing her Dad, but she learns the importance of getting along and pulling together –  just as her country must do to win the war. 

We will meet every other Tuesday to discuss the books, look at Molly’s life, do some period crafts and activities and find out more life for kids in the 1940’s.  We will spend two weeks on each book in the series (about 60 pages).   The books are written for age 8 to 12 year olds. Parents are invited but not required to stay.

The club will meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month (with some exceptions for holidays and other conflicts). Children may ride the bus from the Dryden Elementary School to the library for the club. A permission form will be available and must be signed and submitted to the school and the library before the first meeting. All children will need to be picked up by 5:00 pm from the library.  The school will not provide transportation home after the club.  The club size is limited to a maximum of 15 children so let me know your interest as soon as possible.

The library will provide copies of the books, the craft and snack and instruction. Each child should bring a water bottle. There is no cost for the program but we may share the snack responsibilities. If your child has food allergies please let me know and we will try to accommodate them (or you can also pack an appropriate snack for them).   We have 18” dolls available for loan during the program which the children can take ‘check out’ and taking home.  The focus of the club is on the books and the time period,  not on the dolls, but children may enjoy taking home dolls.  Please let us know if you are interested in participating by  Tuesday, September 19- Call Diane at the library at 844-4782 or email  with the child(ren)s name, age, email and phone number.

Date Topic/book craft
9/26/2017 Introductory meeting Decorate a book bag
10/10/2017 Meet Molly make a lei and grass skirt
10/24/2017 Molly Learns a Lesson knit a square
11/14/2017 Molly’s Surprise Christmas ornaments
11/28/2017 Happy Birthday Molly scrap paper jar
12/12/2017 Molly saves the Day make a flag
12/26/2017 NO MEETING Happy Holidays
1/9/2017 Changes for Molly scrapbook in costumes
1/23/2017 Party and Movie Movie

If the school day is cancelled for weather the club will not meet. We may need to rearrange the schedule if there are other conflicts as well.

 The club is provided through generous funding from the Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund