Choose Your Own Adventures Book Club – Thursdays from 12:30-2pm -July 11- August 15

CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE with the books that change every time your read them!
Each week we will read  together and choose our adventures as we go.  The club format is primarily be geared toward independent older readers (but we will have an option for  early readers as well) with related crafts and activities (and lunch!).

This program is now full.  Please call the library to get on the waiting list

  • July 11: Pick your Quest: Trapped in a Fairy Tale (ER-(Early Reader title)-Fairy House) Choose adventures, solve a puzzle and make a wand
  • July 18: Pick Your Quest-Escape from Minecraft (ER- MInecraft Zombie Adventure) Choose the adventure, Minecraft Bingo and drawing and build with minecraft magnetic blocks
  • July 25: Pick Your Quest- Robot vs. Dinosaur  (ER-Your Very Own Robot*) Choose the Adventure, coding game and build a robot
  • August 1: Midnight Arcade – pick your game (ER title TBD) Choose an adventure and make a marble maze
  • August 8: Could you Survive the Jurassic Period? (ER Dino Lab) CHoose an adventure and create a dinosaur
  • August 15: Search for the Black Rhino (ER TBD) CHoose an adventure and make an African Mask