SciFri Book Club- Fall 2021 – Rising by Elizabeth Rush

Southworth Library has partnered with Science Friday to bring the Sci Fri Book Club to the science and reading enthusiasts in our community and across the nation. This October, we explore climate change, coastal flooding and its effects on communities around the world with Elizabeth Rush’s Pulitzer winning work, Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore. Published in 2018, the book voyages to communities in Louisiana, Staten Island New York, coastal Florida, the Bay Area of California, and the forests of Cascadia and asks us to witness the slow, the fast, and the inexorable changes wrought by global warming. The club events include a full line up of radio events on WSKG (89.3 or 90.5 Ithaca) or WSQX (91.5)  virtual book club community meetings, a call-in with the author, a virtual Trivia Night: Book Club Edition and a local in-person discussion with readers at the library on Saturday, October 23 at 1 pm in the Outdoor Reading Area (or inside if it is raining).

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The SciFri Book Club community will come together every other week for a Zoom meeting, where you can meet other readers from across the world, talk about the book and the most recent discussion questions, and find out more resources for further reading—all without leaving your home. We will also host one in-person meeting to discuss in the first week of November (date and time to be determined). Copies of the book are available at the library and (soon) as a  digital download.  Get the  fact sheet and discussion questions here or at the library:  Rising Fact sheet and Discussion Guide

For more information on the book club, sign ups and the full schedule, check here!