TConnect information Session Monday February 17 at 2 pm

Tconnect is a new app based mobility service that will be piloted in the Dryden community in the Spring of 2020 to help rural residents access TCAT’s existing bus service.  Tconnect will allow users to schedule a trip on a Gadabout minibus that will take them to an existing TCAT bus stop. Trips can be scheduled using a mobile app or by calling the Tconnect office.  The app will provide real-time vehicle location information for both the Gadabout and TCAT buses, assisting users in seamlessly transferring between services.

  • The Tconnect service will be piloted in Dryden in areas beyond a reasonable walking distance to existing bus and up to 2 miles from downtown Dryden. The goals of this project are to:

Þ Increase rural access to public transportation

Þ Reduce transportation barriers in Tompkins County

Þ Reduce the number of drive alone vehicles coming into Ithaca

Þ Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions

This is a two year project funded by NYSERDA in partnership with TCAT, Gadabout, HyperCommute, and Way2Go.

Find out more information at TCAT’s website.