Teen Takeover- Space Pirate Attack Escape Room- Wednesday July 24 from 7- 8:30 pm

You’re on board a spaceship, a passenger ship to Mars. But you didn’t expect to be attacked by space pirates during your journey. Now you’re locked in the cargo hold and the blast doors won’t open. Any moment you and your fellow passengers could be ejected into the cold heart of space. What will you do to ESCAPE?

The teen takeover escape room will require teamwork, quick thinking and logic to solve the clues and find a way out. Each team of 10 kids will work together – we will have two teams competing to see who solves the puzzles first for an extra prize! Registration is recommended as teams are limited in size to up to 10 each. 

Not interested in escape rooms?  Come for other games, activities or snacks!  Open to all kids entering 6th to 12th grade.