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Volunteer Opportunities


Traveling Books

Every 2 weeks, volunteers travel to local day care facilities with a bag of books for the preschoolers.

The Volunteer reads a few books to the children, then leaves the bag full of books for the children to enjoy until the next visit.

When the Volunteer returns again, the bag of books is exchanged.

We currently serve many different locations in the Dryden area.

2 hours per month


Library Service & Program Aide

Tasks may include shelving books after they have been returned or processed, shelf reading to make sure things have been put back correctly, book repair and processing.

Youth Program Aides help with children and teen programs in preparation or at the events themselves.

Greeters answer basic questions about the library and assist Patrons.

Do you have an idea how you can help at the Library?

1 – 2 hours per month


Willowbrook Manor Library

We provide books and materials for the residents at Willowbrook Senior Housing who find it difficult to get to the library.

Every four weeks we select new titles and exchange with new titles.

1 hour per month