Digital Access

Historic Newspapers

Our collection of newspapers dating back to 1856 are available through our digital archives. These include: Communicator. Dryden Echo, Dryden Herald, Dryden News, Dryden Weekly Herald,  Dryden Weekly News, Groton Journal, Journal And Courier, Rumseys Companion & Rural News from 1856 to 1983 and can be accessed here.

E-Books: 1000s of e-books & audiobooks are available through the Libby App from Overdrive accessed here.

Teen Book Cloud – Just in time for Summer! From the creators of TumbleBooks comes TeenBookCloud, with a robust and growing collection of YA/Teen graphic novels, ebooks, audiobooks and more. We are excited to offer this digital collection from May 15th through August 15th 2022.

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