Digital Access

Historic Newspapers

Our microfilmed collection of newspapers dating back to 1856 are available through our digital archives as well. these include: Communicator. Dryden Echo, Dryden Herald , Dryden News, Dryden Weekly Herald,  Dryden Weekly News, Groton Journal, Journal And Courier, Rumseys Companion & Rural News from 1856 to 1983 and can be accessed here

E-Books: 1000s of e-books & audiobooks are available through the Overdrive platform accessed here


Over 100 digital eMagazines are available through RBDigital, the world’s largest digital newsstand.  The digital magazines are complete, full-color, interactive magazines with no holds or limits on how many you can access. 

You can download and view these titles on your computer or mobile device. No log-in required to browse; however, a library card and password are required to set up an account and check out titles.

  • Enjoy complete digital editions of popular magazines—many of which are only available in this format.
  • Read your magazines anytime, anywhere, on PCs, Macs, or mobile devices. Apps are available for iPad®, iPhone®, Kindle Fire™, Android™ and Windows® 8.
  • Download full-color magazines with interactive elements such as audio and video.
  • Check out an unlimited number of magazine issues—and keep them as long as you want.

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