Sheet Music Collection

The Sheet Music Collection at the Southworth Library was created in 2024 by musician Angelina Masotti for her Girl Scout Gold Award.  This collection holds various New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) solo and chamber music that student musicians can use as copies for adjudicators at the NYSSMA Spring Solo Festivals. At a NYSSMA solo festival, a musician needs not only a copy to read from, but also a copy for the adjudicator to use. It is very likely that the second copy will be used only once. This makes performing at NYSSMA festivals less accessible, because music is expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy two copies, for one to be used only once. Angelina realized that she was fortunate to be able to borrow from her private teachers, but relying on that limits what a musician can perform. She wants all student musicians to be able to perform at NYSSMA, without any limitations. With this collection, she aims to make the music programs and higher ensembles more accessible to everyone.

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The Sheet Music Collection is located in the historic wing of the Southworth Library, in a labeled file cabinet. You can view the database of available music and the status of each piece here.


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Please consider donating music to this project to expand on the repertoire we already have. You can donate here.