Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Southworth Library! The volunteer application form describes our various volunteer opportunities.  We’re always open to new ideas as well.

Volunteer Opportunities.

  • General Library Work: General tasks as needed, including shelving, gathering holds, material processing and repair, discarding weeded materials, and shelf reading. Shelf reading means to organize books using the Dewey Decimal system, check for foreign items among book pages, and make shelves neat and orderly.  Must be meticulous and be able to work independently.  May require kneeling, standing or crouching for long periods of time.
  • Light Cleaning: Basic cleaning such as dusting the shelves for cobwebs, wiping down tables and chairs, breaking down boxes, and tidying up toys in the children’s section.
  • Administrative Service: Organization of supplies and resources as well as general office work.
  • Special Programs Assistance: Assist with various prepwork, setup, and execution for programs or special events as needed.
  • Willowbrook Senior Housing: We provide books and materials for the residents who find it difficult to get to the library.  Every 4 weeks, we select new titles to bring over and pick up the ones that are there.  Should have excellent interpersonal skills.  Requires some  lifting and may require use of personal vehicle and valid Driver’s ID.
  • Teen Advisory Board:  For teens only. Assist with planning and running teen events and programs. What fun things do you want to do with your peers at the Library?
  • Digital Services: Provide assistance for people to use the internet for their information needs an to help them with basic internet and software use and with electronic devices.
  • 3D Printer Assistance: Knowledge of the mechanics of 3D printing and ability to assist patrons to print their items.
  • Fundraising: Got an idea? We can use you!

Who volunteers at the Southworth Library?

The library enjoys the support of many volunteers who generously share their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm with our community.  Their jobs range from shelving and covering books, assisting with program preparations, computer/digital instruction, and other tasks critical to carrying out the mission of our Library.  Volunteers come to us from a variety of backgrounds, from retirees who want meaningful work to students fulfilling community service credits.  We provide training and support to volunteers. You must be 14 years of age or older to volunteer.

Why Volunteer?

There are many reasons to volunteer at the library.  Here are a few:

  • Meet new people and make new friends.
  • Teen intern experience
  • Fulfill a community service requirement
  • Provide assistance for our many programs and offerings
  • Be closer to books, book lovers, authors, and new ideas.

In any capacity, our volunteers bring with them a sense of commitment, dependability, flexibility and an appreciation of the vital service Southworth Library provides for our community.

Want to get involved at the library?

  • Call us at 607-844-4782
  • E-mail southworthlibrary@gmail.com
  • Pick up an application at the circulation desk or download here: volunteer application

Contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities and together we’ll discover which job is right for you!