Books & Brew: Read Through the Decades -1940-1959 – SUNDAY April 28 at 3pm

Books and Brew: NEW DATE, NEW TIME!

Come on over to  Hopshire Farm & Brewery for our genre-based book club on SUNDAY, APRIL 28 at 3 PM where we all read something from the same theme.  It can be biography, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, an audio book or anything else!   Some of us bring a snack to share as well- there is always plenty.  All are welcome.

This month our ‘Reading Through the Decades’ is a focus on 1940-1959.  World War II, the Decade of Triumph, the American Dream… read a book set in that time or about events, people or things from that time period and share it with the group OR you can read a book that was published then for a look at the classics!

If you need some suggestions, books are available at our display at the library.